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Office archaeology...

Finding some interesting stuff while unpacking the boxes that I packed in late December and early January, before I moved into my temporary space. Some of the boxes were packed more hurriedly than others; I tried to get rid of a lot of stuff while in the process, but didn't have time for editing in every case. Some drawer contents obviously moved from office to office a couple of times.

  • July '96 "Superstar Concert Series" disc 1 of 2, "The Band," from a long-ago WVBR broadcast
  • September '96 "Dr. Demento," ditto
  • Envelope containing rustmon's marbles, postmarked February '99
  • Taco Bell Border Sauce packet, hot
  • Press kit photo of Beth Saulnier, which I scanned for her first author web site
  • Several tea packets
  • Several free passes to Cinemapolis or Fall Creek Pictures
  • Global Village PowerPort dongle with phone and Ethernet jacks for their PCMCIA combo card
  • DriveSavers mini flying disc
  • Hot chocolate packets
  • Oatmeal packets
  • Many old pay stubs
  • Stapler, pens, tape, Liquid Paper, etc.
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