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Warning: Arby's chicken salad is fatal

Did that get your attention? Brandon and I had lunch at Arby's this afternoon, and I decided to try their new Market Fresh chicken salad sandwich. It was very good, but the signs that touted the "grilled chicken, diced apples, and grape halves" failed to mention the walnuts or pecans in the chicken salad. After eating, I went to tell the counter folks, who seemed to take a little while to grasp the potential allergy issue, but figured it out eventually. They went to tell the manager they needed to add "nuts" to the signs, and she also seemed confused. I explained it to her as I was leaving.

"A customer seeing this sign could reasonably expect that this is the list of ingredients, and that there are no nuts in the chicken salad. If you had served this sandwich to my friend who's allergic to nuts, he'd be dead now. Killing customers doesn't go over so well." That's when she got it. As we left, she was looking for markers so she could amend the promotional signage.

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