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Coffee's brewin'...

Got to sleep until 9, after going to bed at about 3, which isn't too bad for Shore Leave. :-) I feel more or less rested, and I'm looking forward to the day. Even if I got hangovers, I probably wouldn't have one now... didn't even drink enough last night to get buzzed unless I'd downed it all at once. Did get to drink some interesting things, though, such as Anchor Porter (mmm) and a weird concoction Bill and Lisa were handing out shots of that involved Jagermeister and peach something. Hm. Ty and Stephanie blame me for their Anchor adulation. *bow*

I've gotten to see a number of people I rarely see, usually only here or while camping. Unfortunately, Stephen again picked the weekend I can't come, so this makes three camping trips in a row I've been unable to attend. He acts like he feels bad about it, but why does he keep doing it, after checking with me which weekends I can come? I know, he has to weigh other people's schedules, too, but eventually I feel like I deserve to have one that goes my way.

Met mama0807 last night... she and fyrfitrmedic were dancing up a storm at the Pirate Party. She seems as cool in person as online. Liked the t-shirt. :-)

New brand of hotel coffee packets... "Toulouse." Not bad. Not as good as some, though. I should seek some food... as well as offload photos from my camera so it has room for more!

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