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Woo! Bright green bandage tape

My next blood donation makes three gallons... which sounds impressive, and they'll give me a nice pin, but I should really be at about fifteen gallons if I were donating as often as I could. My first blood donation was 20 years and a couple of weeks ago. I think my most recent one was actually last Labor Day weekend, in Atlanta! :-\ I have to get back in the habit of going every eight weeks, or whatever it is.

The crew in the American Red Cross bus parked outside the hotel wasn't moving all that fast, but they were processing people without a line building up. They were also having lots of fun, and some of them were very chatty. USS Accord actually has a member, from Ithaca, who we only ever see down here... because she can never get to meetings or events. But I can always find her by going to the blood drive sign-in room, and sure enough, Janice was there today. She asked if I'd come help out one of her colleagues at BOCES with a class of developmentally disabled students who'd be really into some Star Trek stuff. Anyone want to join me? It'll probably be a weekday morning in early August for an hour or so.

This afternoon I want to see Cirroc Lofton and Nicole DeBoer, spend some time at the pool, and relax and hang out with some folks I've been passing in the hallways. Got to spend some time with Ty this morning, which works better when he's not in the middle of doing music for a party.

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