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Bon Jour de la Bastille

Sadly, I have no particular plans to celebrate Bastille Day today. I've done so in the past; maybe I'll think of something later. :-) I'm sure I have a bottle of French wine or Champagne around the apartment! (If you're not familiar with it, today is the French equivalent of St. Patrick's Day, the day on which it's appropriate for everyone to consider himself or herself French. The day commemorates the overthrow of the French monarchy and the rise of democracy and the new Republic.)

Had a very good night with friends last night, getting to enjoy Rogues Harbor's Tuesday night wing special and pitchers of beer, followed by a trip to the house to sample some scotch and get the DISH Network receiver re-authorized to get all the channels I pay for. I hadn't used that receiver in several weeks, and it had forgotten it was allowed to watch TV. Sometime soon, I'll move my other DISH receiver and TiVo over to the house; I'll have to move the exercise bike, too, since that's an important part of my TV time!

Happily, I was at the house when my cousin David called; he's in town for a Cornell Adult University class and wants to get together for dinner tonight. Jeff had e-mailed me his contact info yesterday, but who knows if we'd have successfully tracked each other down.

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