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For what's probably the first time in a decade, I called the wrong Ling-Ling to order Chinese food. This used to happen back when Brian and I would get several lunches to bring back to Baka, but I can't imagine it's happened since. I always check. Well, almost always.

I got to Ling-Ling at East Hill Plaza, and they didn't know anything about my order. The girl at the counter seemed to be having enough trouble keeping orders straight without me messing her up. :-) She called down to the Ithaca Plaza restaurant to see if they had my order and then tell them I wasn't coming, and they quickly made the lunch I wanted.

It was nice having Wok Village a two-minute walk away from my front door, but they ought to deliver up here... and I'm sure I'll have many occasions to be over there in the future. Meantime, having Ling-Ling a two-minute drive away will be nice, even if they don't deliver.

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