Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Ida May's

Sorry for the misspelling earlier! Dinner at Ida May's, at 21 Main Street in Trumansburg, 387-3478, was outstanding! Thanks to jccohen, jenduerr, ruffian_wind, and redfyre for joining me for the excursion. As far as I can tell, everyone was very pleased with the meal. Jenna seems particularly interested in returning for lunch, since their lunch menu looked good, as well.

We split four appetizers, including excellent calamari, good corn fritters, and a fun twist on chicken wings... large, meaty chicken drumsticks fried with wing sauce, bleu cheese dressing, and celery. Since my least favorite aspect of chicken wings is the low meat-to-effort ratio, I really loved these massive, spicy drumsticks. Those of us who ordered entrees also got house salads, which were good. I liked the mixed greens, though Jenna said she's more used to mostly iceberg. The classic salad would have worked better for her, probably. This is also around when the fabulous warm rolls ("Mom's homemade dinner rolls") arrived, with warm butter. Yum.

My fruity marinated pork tenderloin medallions (which Jenna also had) were great, and the sweet potato fries were incredible. I also got to taste Kelly's tasty Thai coconut shrimp dish, which should have had more shrimp, but was good; and J.C.'s perfectly serviceable if unspectacular Cajun-spiced marinated ribeye. I've got about half of my pork left to make a sandwich out of for lunch tomorrow. I think all five of us left with leftovers.

They only had one dessert available, but it was fantastic, a thick, warm, toasted slice of pound cake with strawberry-rhubarb sauce and slivered almonds. J.C. thought it was the best thing he'd tasted all evening.

We also saw several fajitas go by, the multiple plates living up to the menu's warning that you won't have any elbow room if you order that dish. Also, a guy near us ordered the fish fry, and it was an impressively large slab of fish.

The check for the five of us, with all that, came to $95.02, which I consider an excellent value... especially since all five of us have leftovers for tomorrow. We tipped well on top of that. :-)

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