Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Curses! Foiled again!

Seems I'm not destined to eat at Sticky Rice, the Thai and Laotian place just east of the Commons. It moved to the Gateway Center in January, and the old cement shoebox buildings that once housed it, and Napoli and Domino's, were just knocked down last week.

Denise and I were going to meet there for lunch, but there was a sign up when I got there saying that they're closed for lunch this week. They're serving just dinner.

So, we walked over to Taste of Thai, since I definitely still wanted Thai food. Good lunch specials there. I had a spicy, broad rice noodle dish with red and green peppers and chicken, and Denise had yellow basil chicken. We then separated to continue on with our respective downtown errands.

My web server is driving me nuts today. It has crashed four times, and is staying up about an hour after I go restart it.

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