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More "Twilight Zone" in the dining world

elizabetheileen and I set out for a nice relaxing dinner last night. We ended up with a fantastic meal, but it wasn't what either of us expected!

We headed up to Trumansburg to see how Ida May's would do with vegetarians, but to our dismay, when we got there, we found they're closed on Mondays! Well, no matter. We'll just stroll up to Simply Red Village Bistro, where a friend of Elizabeth's works. Denied! "Do you have reservations?" They wouldn't be able to seat us for an hour and a half. Pretty much nothing else in Trumansburg was open, so we decided to head back down the hill. But first we ran into Amanda in front of Gimme! Coffee and gave her a lift home.

On the way down the hill, Elizabeth said she'd enjoy a rich dinner at someplace she'd never been, maybe Indian or Italian, so I figured we should try Lucatelli's. As we got to the end of Plain Street, we spotted the empty parking lot, which wasn't a good sign. A guy in a chef's outfit at the door explained they were closed yesterday, too.

Roma seemed like a reasonable backup plan, but as we drove back in that direction, I realized we should go to ZaZa's. It certainly qualified as rich! We each had drinks and split a few things. The marinated artichoke and mixed greens was a great start, and we moved on to wild mushroom ravioli with walnut sauce and fresh gnocchi in a four-cheese sauce, which I'd suggested after Elizabeth wondered why there was no "alfredo" on the menu.

I normally don't bother with dessert, but Jon, evil man that he is, told us about the dessert special... fresh figs and candied walnuts with warm gorgonzola cheese. Boy that was good.

I got Elizabeth back up to her house, snuggled the puppies, greeted her roomies, and met a couple of friends, then headed to my apartment for another carload of stuff.

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