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More moving!?

Nah, not me. Helped Steen move for a few hours today. His new place is waaaaaaaay out there, but in a gorgeous house surrounded by lots of green and valley and such. It's a very old house, but his half at least is in excellent shape inside, obviously recently renovated. It's got a funky door to the back yard that's several feet above the ground, with no stairs down from it. That should change eventually.

Very fun cross-section of folks helping him move, including a few I knew, a couple who looked familiar from LiveJournal comments, and several I didn't know at all. Good energy, high spirits, and shockingly perfect moving weather combined for a quick and fun process.

When the truck was all unloaded, I headed to a client's house to help him get e-mail working on his laptop, which he hasn't touched in a while. He's heading to Cleveland next weekend for heart valve surgery, and wanted to be sure he could get online and check his e-mail. Apparently, this hospital in Cleveland has one of the world's best cardiac centers, and even better, specializes in this particular kind of valve repair.

Right now I'm relaxing on the deck, where I just enjoyed a late lunch from the P&C (supermarket) salad bar. Apologies to those of you suffering from extreme heat, mugginess, or torrential rain, but today in Ithaca is sunny, clear, crisp, and in the low to mid 70s! The deck is shaded so I can see the laptop screen, but there's lots of sun filtering through the trees.

No plans at all tonight, so I'm going to get a little unpacking and a lot of relaxing done. :-)

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