Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

"Did we wake you?"

"Yeah, but that's OK, I had to get up to let the chimney sweeps in in a half hour anyway."

That's what I wish I'd been awake enough to say to the chimney sweeps when they arrived over a half hour early, first thing this morning, to clean the fireplace and chimney. I wasn't really still asleep, but the alarm hadn't quite rousted me out of bed yet. (Mondays after a live BFG are always slow for me.)

My folk musician houseguests were getting up around then, too. I didn't know what they'd want for breakfast, so I stocked up on a bunch of stuff yesterday. I should freeze some of the bagels, since I probably won't have time to eat them all before they get stale.

The good news is that my kitchen is now somewhat functional. I excavated the kitchen table from the stuff that had been accumulating on it, unpacked cereal bowls, mugs, toaster, and coffee stuff, and emptied a few boxes. Alan, want your boxes back when they're all empty?

On tonight's agenda is setting up my TV with the sound system, getting the VCR hooked up so I can watch Stargate: Atlantis (thanks, J.C.!), and perhaps putting some logs in the fireplace so it looks ready to go... and, come winter, is ready to go.

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