Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Good lunch!

Had a fun lunch with the daughter of a friend of my father's, who's in town for a year working in the Cornell Library's graphical conservation group. She and her boyfriend are subletting a summer apartment, then moving to an apartment on South Hill in a few weeks.

We went to Souvlaki House, where I was finally able to indulge that lasagna craving from a few days ago! Even have some left, which I'll probably eat with the remains of last night's chicken.

Not sure what it is, since I've had a reasonable amount of sleep the last few nights, but I'm feeling really lethargic today. The weather probably doesn't help, though I'm in the basement most of the day, so the outside weather shouldn't matter that much. Steady rain for the next couple of days, then it looks like a few days ranging from partly sunny to clear, through the weekend.

Have to head to the apartment later to put out the recyclables, and then I should probably go get the recycling bin tomorrow, though it's tempting to not bother.

My coffee isn't tasting as good as it did twenty minutes ago.

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