Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Happy endings...

My luggage made it to my office before I did this morning. I was already more or less awake, but still in bed, when US Airways called to say both my bags had reached Ithaca, and to ask what I wanted them to do. Since I'd said last night that they shouldn't call early in the morning, just bring the bags to my office, I rolled my eyes (I'm sure they couldn't see that) and told them to just go ahead and bring them to the address I'd given them last night.

Everything seems intact, though the side pocket on my overnight bag was partially unzipped. Nothing obvious is missing; both flasks are still in there. If my original flask, which has only ever held Maker's Mark, were missing, it would be irritating, but if the flask Dave sent me from Kyrgyzstan had vanished, I'd really be upset. I imagine it would be difficult to replace.

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