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Meet Picasso...

PicassoPicasso is a friend's dog, who's visiting me for a couple of weeks until her person gets back to town.

I stopped at the pet store at the Cayuga Mall at Dave's suggestion, and found a small bag of Eukanuba senior formula, food and water dishes, and a big corkscrew stake that I can hook a 30' lead to, so I can let Picasso relax outside for a bit without being on too short a leash. The ride out to the kennel, several miles northeast of the Lansing schools, was pretty easy, but on the way back I had to be very careful with Picasso in the back seat. I laid a towel down on the seat so she wouldn't be slipping around on the smooth surface. She seemed to do fine, lying down for brief periods before leaping up frequently to check out the view.

Right now she's relaxing on the floor while we both watch TV. She seems more comfortable downstairs than upstairs, probably because it's cooler, so I put a spare water dish down here.

ruffian_wind came to meet her after I got her home, and we all walked down to Tudor Park. Picasso was very excited when I came down the stairs with her leash!

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