Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

"Let sleeping dogs lie"

I should've let Picasso stay downstairs, where she looked so comfy, rather than encouraging her to come up to my room at bedtime. (Cliff had said she'd like to start the night in my room, but might wander off after a while.) She was pretty restless, and bounced up every once in a while, waking me a couple of times... probably not on purpose, but just by moving. I have yet to hear her bark.

Her tummy gurgling at around 2:30 made me wonder if she was having digestion issues and might need to go out, so we went for a brief and uneventful walk. I, at least, slept for the rest of the night, and she was still sleeping on the floor next to the bed, her hind leg twitching in a puppy dream, when I got up. The two pillows side by side, covered by the towel she sat on in the car, were probably too small a bed for her. She tried it briefly, but seemed just as happy on the carpeted floor.

This morning, we met a neighbor, Scout, and her human, Deb. Picasso was a very good girl. She still hasn't eaten much of her Eukanuba, but I suspect that's not unusual in a new location for the first day. She's munched a bit, and lapped up some water, so I'm not worried.
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