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"I thought you had the groom's pants."

What a great wedding! Upper Treman is a good locale for a wedding ceremony and reception; that's where Hope and Peter had their wedding years ago, and today was, like that day, sunny at the last minute. It was cool but not cold, and I'm glad it wasn't up in the 80s while we sat outside.

The brief and simple ceremony was followed by a group photo, which is a nice touch. We then enjoyed a very impressive spread of munchies, great Ommegang beers, Finger Lakes wines, fruit-flavoured seltzers, and juices. I got to chat with some former colleagues I rarely get to see, catching up a bit with them. Mark's younger sister dragged me along for a walk down the gorge trail with her sister and brother-in-law, so I got to see a bit of the park I haven't seen in ages. Photos later.

Picasso and I are relaxing outside at the moment; she's napping at the base of the tree and I'm on the deck with the laptop. I'll probably go in soon, since it's kinda chilly.

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