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Huuuuuuge breakfast!

I've had bagels and yogurt and cereal over the last few weeks, but today marked the first Proper Breakfast cooked in the new kitchen. mrbigsteve and guinness_duck and I cooked up steak and mushroom and cheese eggs (the last courtesy of the Mogil menagerie), fresh home fries, venison sausage (also à la Mogil), and English muffins. We also went through two big pots of delicious Cafe du Monde coffee with chicory. It was a most satisfying breakfast.

The occasion was Steve's desire to see the new "Justice League Unlimited" series on the Cartoon Network, and his absence of television access mechanism at the new digs. Brunch and superheroes seemed like a good idea, and as more episodes fill the TiVo, I'm sure we'll be doing it again.

Picasso spent the meal relaxing in her now-customary spot under the tree in the back yard. I spotted her burying her rawhide bone out there while I was prepping food this morning, so Alex and I bought a big ham bone for her while we were out grabbing some last-minute groceries and returning empties. She also enjoyed a tiny bit of venison sausage and the last of the potatoes along with her dog food.

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