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"Greek security team fails to notice giant horse"

Thanks to mrama for sharing!

Got my door locks rekeyed yesterday, which involved buying a new lock for the back door. It was a very old lock, and didn't match the front door's locks, as I'd assumed. Silly me! The guy made a big deal of reinstalling the front door lock right-side-up. I'd gotten used to putting the key in upside-down in this door and my apartment door, but this is fine.

Last night I replaced the dead outside light bulb, and put light sensors in both outside light fixtures, so I can leave them on and they'll only burn when it's dark out. I may turn them on and off just to mix things up. :-) Also got a small Gorilla stepladder (so I could get to the lights) and a big Rubbermaid wheeled garbage can.

And then there was beer.

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