Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Wet puppy!

As if in an attempt to convince me I don't really want a dog of my own full-time, mother nature has provided steady rain for this evening. Let's just say our walk when I got home and our bedtime walk a few minutes ago were not long walks. :-)

Luckily, Picasso was being really cute earlier, snoring lightly while seity1 and I were watching some "Stargate: Atlantis," and then later, twitching her front paws while dreaming. wactusthecactus suggests she must've been dreaming about digging up the rawhide bone she buried in the back yard.

Today's CIT staff picnic was fun, if also a bit moister than we would have liked. I was really impressed by how many people showed up, considering the clouds and drizzle of mid-afternoon. But even the steady rain didn't chase everyone away too quickly; the pavilions kept most of us nice and dry. But... uh-oh... the bathrooms are all the way over there! No doubt the promise of Dinosaur BBQ, and the likelihood of good beer (we got Ithaca Nut Brown Ale and a lowest common denominator light beer for those who don't like real beer), is what drew so many folks out. I wasn't as impressed by the portobello mushroom as I expected to be; I guess it's outside their sphere of expertise. The ribs were great, and the pulled pork good; it should all have been hotter. I really did enjoy the red beans and rice, though!

chesther got his exercise this afternoon chasing Paul around in the rain, and brannanjp1 got soaked playing volleyball. keeyoo and family were there as well, plus Carolyn. Steph even lent me her iPod for a meeting I have tomorrow morning that requires one! One of these days, I'll figure out which box mine is in...

...but the TiVo just switched back to Live TV (it does that after 15 minutes of inactivity if it's just sitting at a menu or something) and woke Picasso. Guess it's bedtime!

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