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Another new eatery...

Dasan-J Korean BBQ is very, very good. jccohen and I went there for dinner after work tonight, and both the beef BBQ I had, and J.C.'s spicy pork BBQ, were excellent. They were served over sticky white rice, with a side of crisp salad. Delicious tangy dressing, which had sesame seeds and, I suspect, sesame oil in it.

They've actually been there for almost a year, but I was more or less unaware. It's in the spot where Billy Bob Jack's Too (originally "the Outhouse") used to be. Jaesik Jung, the owner, e-mailed me in the spring to ask if I could list his restaurant in 14850 Dining. I e-mailed back to say I'd be happy to, if he sent me the address and phone number. Never heard from him again.

Well, today he e-mailed to ask how to advertise on, so I decided it would be worth paying a visit.

The complete dinner, including a bottle of root beer, was under $10. Many of the menu items are available cheaper as lunch specials during lunchtime hours, so I'm sure this'll be on my list of spots to visit when I'm in the mood for a stroll down to Collegetown. There's a large vegetarian section of the menu, too, which I'll explore more fully on a future visit.

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