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The best-laid plans...

I woke up this morning with the sudden recollection of signs at Bistro Q the other day saying that they were going to be closed on Tuesday the 24th. I just called, and sure enough, they never heard from and they are, in fact, closed.

So, seity1 and I have conferred, and we'll be at Willow tonight at 8. That's good anyway, since it's Chris's last night waiting, and we want to say goodbye before he moves!

Willow is at the north end of North Tioga Street, right next to Fall Creek Pictures. From campus or east hill, head down the hill and turn right on Tioga Street. Go to the end. The restaurant is ahead on your right. From the northeast, your best bet is to head to the west end via Route 13 south, then turn left onto Court or Buffalo towards downtown, and then left onto Tioga. (There are more efficient routes, but they're more confusing, especially with Dey Street closed.)

We'll be in the bar, in the doors and then walk straight back through the dining room.

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