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Photos from last night

Aunt Gertie's granddaughter Val's husband Stephen made a whole bunch of Photoshopped images featuring Gertie's face, including on this box of Wheaties. There are lots of other examples in my batch of photos from last night's birthday party! The theme of the party was that she's the most famous woman we all know, so Stephen put her in all these famous images.

Many of the photos are also of people. :-) (I'm not in any of these, but I know I'm in several photos that other people took. I'll try to get some.)

This morning, a couple dozen of us were at Linda and Mort's house (Mort is Gertie's older son) for brunch, so it was a less-formal chance to chat with relatives, though of course there were loads of little kids running around and making noise. We left a little before noon, since everything was an hour and a half south of the Tampa airport and my folks had a 3:10 flight that they wanted to leave lots of time to get to. My flight isn't until 6:50, but no one else was heading up here this afternoon, so I'm relaxing in the Marriott lobby for a few hours. Had I gotten to the airport 45 minutes earlier, I still wouldn't have been able to get on the earlier Pittsburgh flight; it was full and two people had to volunteer to give up their seats. I could have taken the next flight to Philadelphia, but there wasn't an earlier flight back from Philly to Ithaca, so I'd be sitting in Philadelphia for several hours, instead of Tampa. No thanks.

This weekend really gave me a chance to get to know a lot of these folks better than I ever have before, in addition to meeting several new people... spouses and the like. A couple of my cousins seem determined to find me a nice single girl. Join the club!

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