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If the only thing I forgot in my fast-paced departure this morning was my copy of the book The Bourne Supremacy, I'll be OK. I was kind of planning on reading the rest of it on the beach this weekend, though, so I may just grab a spare copy in one of the bookstores here at the Pittsburgh airport.

The guy at the Ithaca check-in counter made me think I was holding things up, having walked up just as the announcement went over that all Pittsburgh passengers should have already cleared through security. But he checked my luggage in quickly, and the TSA agent walked over and took it, since she wasn't doing anything, which I thought was very nice. He then walked me over to security, where I was amused that he, having just looked at my boarding pass and ID, asked to see them again. I hadn't been out of his sight! I guess following procedure is good, in security areas.

Of course, I wasn't the last to board, and we were still sitting on the tarmac for 15 minutes. There were another four or five folks to board, including the last member of an entire flight crew being flown to Pittsburgh because they'd been rescheduled. I gather they were to have been this morning's earlier flight's crew; that's the one I was originally booked on. US Airways cancelled it a few weeks ago. (So what were they doing in Ithaca?)

I arrived at the Denver gate a little while ago just as the gate agent picked up the microphone to announce, "Denver passenger Mark Anbinder, please come to the desk." As she put down the microphone, I smiled, and said, "Yes?" :-) As I was hoping, she had a first-class boarding pass for me. I got the automatic upgrade I was hoping for. It looks as though the DEN-PIT flight back on Tuesday won't have room, but I'll be happy just to get the one upgrade.

Right now sipping coffee while waiting for my flight to start boarding in a bit. Later!

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