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I love being able to sleep late according to my internal clock, and yet still be awake before the garbage truck outside would've woken me at about 7am.

Right now figuring out flights for another trip for another wedding. At first I was trying to decide whether to use miles to get a free ticket, or spend money and save the miles for something big later on, but the decision's been made for me... no reward tickets are available for those dates unless I want to spend twice the miles for a "premium" award ticket. (And for these short commuter flights, there's no first class to enjoy.) Considering I'm almost to the point of having enough miles for a free round-trip ticket to Australia, not wasting those miles seems like a good idea.

And then I should figure out breakfast. I'll probably stroll around a bit outside the hotel complex to see if there are stores where I can buy cheap bottled water, soda, munchies, etc. The hotel has a shuttle to the mall, too, but I'd rather just take the shuttle to Balboa Island for fun stuff.

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