Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Food coma...

belmikey and pixel39 arrived at the airport at about 7, and missed the hourly hotel shuttle by several minutes. They grabbed a cab, and Alex and I headed over to the lobby to meet them and help with the luggage.

Neither of them much cares for planes, so they were both tired and stiff, and of course hungry, so we all decided a meal soon, that wasn't much of a production, would be a good idea. We tried the hotel sports bar where I dined last night, but they didn't have table space, so we strolled across to the dining room that was offering the buffet that accompanies their weekly jazz series. Delicious food, most of it with an Asian theme. I even had dessert, so I'm now quite stuffed. Had another pint of the Red Hook Sunrye summer ale that I tried last night.

We've headed for our rooms, since it's two hours later for the Minnesotans and still feeling quite late for this New Yorker. I'm going to try to stay up a bit later, but not too late... might as well get up at a reasonable time tomorrow!

Yup. The backs of my calves hurt. More lotion before bed.

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