Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

The pedestrian-friendly OC?

One thing that surprises me, considering what I've heard about SoCal, is that this area, at least, is very pedestrian-friendly. There are sidewalks everywhere, crosswalks across three if not all four roads at each intersection, and button-controlled walk signals that allow plenty of time for a pedestrian to cross. The drivers even stop if you're in the crosswalk and they're turning.

Alex and I went to the lobby at almost 11 to see if we could get the shuttle to Fashion Island, the big upscale mall near here, but we were told the next one was at 12:30. They only run every two hours. Oh. Well, how about the shuttle to Balboa Island? Same shuttle. Feh. So we walked over to Balboa Island, I popped some stuff in the mail at the post office, had a scone and another espresso at that same little bakery, and we walked back. Alex wasn't that interested in taking the ferry over to the beach; he's seen beaches.

We walked back, and in a bit we'll head over to the lobby to get that 12:30 shuttle. I'm sure Fashion Island will have some fun browsing opportunities, as well as, no doubt, a food court of some sort.

Hoping to hear from 20three in a while; she IM'd me this morning to say that she and a friend were heading to Laguna Beach, which is about 15 minutes further south of here. She'll be passing by about a mile away from us on the way to and from, and she might stop by to say hi. I took her advice and, in addition to slathering some aloe gel onto my burned calves, put on long pants so they don't get more sun today. The rest of me got sun but is fine; I put on some more sunscreen anyway.

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