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What a great wedding!

I'll post more tomorrow, but I wanted to say I loved tonight's wedding... in a nice grassy park area near the bay, with a gazebo and lots of tables on the lawn. Fantastic band, good food, some dancing, and just the absolutely sweetest vows I've ever heard. I doubt there were many dry eyes by the time the ceremony was over. Bonus points for Jon, who learned to play the guitar in the last seven weeks so he could perform a special song for Wendy. Awwww. :-)

Filled up my camera's memory card, too. Good thing I cleared the handful of random pics from the weekend out this afternoon. I'll grab the pictures tomorrow.

Relaxing visit to the hot tub after we got back. Yup, it was officially closed as of 10, but a guy stopped by at around 11:30 to say he'd let us stay in it until 12. The jets shut off (automatically, I guess) a little before 12, and wouldn't go back on. Ah well.


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