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Fresh coffee beans and a grinder!?

Amy, one of Wendy's friends who helped keep things organized and running smoothly all weekend, managed to get a nice upgrade when she checked in the other day. We'd heard about this from Wendy on Friday night, but it wasn't until a little while ago that Alex and I actually got to see the Villa that she was in.

Apparently, when Amy checked in, having heard that the rooms all have a little patio or balcony, she said she was a Hyatt Gold Passport member and asked if they had a nice room on the first floor with a patio near the pool, so she could easily pop out for a swim. The guy said he had a good room she'd like, but it wasn't ready yet. Would she mind waiting 20 minutes?

She came back after a walk around the complex, and he was gone, but the woman at the desk said he'd taken care of everything and she could check in now. She got a guy with a golf cart to take her down to room 352... in Villa C.

The villas at the Hyatt Newporter are basically two-story townhouses, where the upstairs and downstairs can be rented out separately. She had "just" the downstairs, which was a nice bedroom with a full-size closet, a bathroom with a big stall shower, and a huge living room with a dining room table, couch, comfy chairs, a fireplace, and sliding glass doors. Out to the pool. Her pool. Her private pool, just for her. Yes, there are four villa units side-by-side, and each has its own fully enclosed pool area with a small pool and several lounge chairs, and high walls to keep everything private.

I was also impressed that instead of the little cup-at-a-time coffee-maker that we have, she had a full-size Mr. Coffee, with canisters of whole fresh beans and a grinder.

She's still getting the $135/night rate negotiated for the wedding's guests in this $2500/night villa.

When I checked in, my Hyatt Gold Passport membership got me "a view" of the parking lot. :-) (Actually, they had me down for a king room, but since Alex was staying with me, I needed a room with two double beds instead. Who knows where I would have been otherwise.)

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