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Wedding photos

The setting for last night's wedding was fantastic! It would have been nice if the sun hadn't been in everyone's faces, but as it went down, the temperature by the bay certainly cooled off. We also had a gorgeous sunset with the wispy clouds.

I was amused that there were two cakes... one big white cake with light lavender frosting, and one rectangle with black frosting and lots of Trek-related designs on it. The panel with "Wendy Stanford, Esquire" next to "Fleet Captain Jonathan Lane" amused me. The close-up in the last picture, after some of the cake has been cut and served, includes our ship, USS Accord. :-)

A couple of good pictures of Tim Lynch, whose wife Lisa just had a baby a couple of weeks ago, and a few good ones of belmikey and pixel39, plus lots of photos of folks none of you know. I'm very pleased with some of the photos.

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