Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,


Am I crazy, or does $7.29 for a biscuits and sausage gravy breakfast, with two eggs any style, and a generous pile of bacon seem like a great deal... when viewed next to $2.49 for a cup of coffee or $3.49 for a glass of juice?

I got all checked in at John Wayne International Airport (woo! exit row for all three flights!) with two hours to spare, so I walked up and down the terminal checking out the food options. The McDonald's seemed like a plausible backup plan, with surprisingly reasonable prices, but I figured I'd see what else there was. I'm glad I did! This was a very good breakfast.

I got to say goodbye to Wendy and to Jon's parents on the way out this morning; no sign of Jon. They were all heading to Disneyland today. That would have been tempting, if I could afford to stay another day.

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