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My knee hurts. It's the same general knee weakness I've had for about a year and a half, but for some reason tonight it's pretty painful. I don't think I did anything unusual in my exercise bike session this morning. I guess it's about time to schedule a physical anyway. Maybe I'll find another doctor who'll be more willing to try addressing the problem.

I was going to just have some leftovers before heading to BFG tonight, but elizabetheileen IM'd to say she was heading to the ABC Cafe for their Thai special, and asked if I wanted to come, too. I picked up her and Melissa at their place, and we all had some tasty vegetarian Thai food. I especially liked the kabobs that came out as an appetizer.

Looking around Anabel Taylor Hall right now, I see several of the folks who were at ABC Cafe a few hours ago. :-) The performers are real characters; they're a duo from Cork, Ireland and San Diego, California, and they play not only a lot of Celtic and American folk music but also Indian raga, medieval, jazz, and rock. Come on down, or tune in.

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