Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,


When I had the house inspected before buying it, the inspector was very clear that the back yard would need to be regraded and proper drainage added, because water was flowing to, and staying at, the back wall of the house. That's one of the two things that needed to be addressed before I bought the house, and the seller agreed to lower the sale price by the total of the two quotes.

The contractor who gave the seller's realtor a quote on regrading the back yard tells me he tried to give a quote on doing the job right, pretty much as Steve had said it would need to be done, but apparently they told him no, just the bare minimum. So that's what the quote is for, and that's how much they took off the selling price. I had told my realtor the amount didn't seem like enough to do what needed to be done, but the seller's realtor assured us all the work would be covered by the quotes.

Suggestions on what to do next?

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