Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Hoping to be out of town this weekend...

Hurricane Ivan may have other ideas, but I'm hoping to be flying to Tennessee tomorrow for Joost and Susan's wedding in Kingsport! If Ivan speeds up, the weather around the Tri-Cities airport may make it impossible for me to fly down there. The storm track shows Ivan losing strength (he probably won't be a hurricane much longer) but spending most of the weekend in eastern TN.

Depending on the timing, I might end up learning early enough that I won't be able to fly that I can hop in the car and drive down from Ithaca. What would really suck is getting to Pittsburgh and only then being told I can't get to TN. (My layover at PIT is pretty long, over two hours, so that's a real danger.) I wouldn't mind too much getting delayed on the way back, but if there's a problem flying down tomorrow, it's unlikely to clear up in time for the wedding. My best bet would be to get on a plane back to Ithaca, at which point driving to TN wouldn't work as well.

I've already heard from some friends in Alabama that they're OK (phew!) and hope to hear the same from others later today.

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