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Made it to Pittsburgh, but it was a pretty bumpy ride. I now have two and a half hours before my next flight leaves. Though, my flight out of Ithaca was all boarded except for me when I got to the airport... with what I thought was plenty of time. I guess they were determined to leave early. We pushed back 15 minutes early, lifted off 12 minutes before scheduled departure time, and arrived in Pittsburgh 20 minutes early. Fine by me.

Part of the reason for being early is that we were on an Embraer ERJ-145 jet instead of the usual (recently, at least) DeHavilland Dash-8 turboprop. The route is scheduled for the prop plane, and jets just make the trip faster. We would probably have been earlier still without all the turbulence, for which the captain gave the flight attendant about three minutes' warning so she could collect the beverage cups early. Even though the ERJ flies higher than the Dash, we spent the whole trip in a cloudbank, never getting over the cover, though at one point I realized we were between two thick cloud layers, with a clear view down probably a couple thousand feet to the lower thick cloud layer. It's raining in Pittsburgh, so the fact that they took the extra minute or so to hook the jetway to the plane, rather than make us go down stairs and walk through the rain, was welcome.

I'm now in the corner of the Oyster House, where I'm enjoying a cup of coffee, an electrical outlet, and Pittsburgh's free wireless, waiting until a more reasonable time to have some fried oysters or a fish sandwich. ;-)

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