Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Made it...

The second flight was bumpy, too, and pretty cramped. I think that was my first time in a Jetstream 41, which reminds me of the Beechcraft 19D (the 19-seater, one seat on each side of the aisle) but is a bit bigger. It had no overhead bins, one seat then aisle then two seats, and thank goodness there were only nine of us aboard. We each had our own row.

But I'm here at the hotel, checked into a nice upgraded room (nothing too huge or fancy, but a couple of chairs, a couch, a mini-fridge, and a candy jar), and called Greg and PJ to get together with them. They'll be back from Bristol (where Greg was born) in a little while. Hope to swing by a store to pick up some beverages to equip the fridge!

It's also a handicap-accessible room, so it's got a huge bathroom with handles and rails everywhere, as well as fire-alarm lights for those who can't hear audible alarms.

My garment bag was soaked when it came off the baggage carousel. Shirt is pretty wet, though it seems to have protected the suit, which is just a bit rumpled. So glad I got both cleaned this week.

I think this is the first time I've seen cigars for sale at a hotel's registration desk. Might have to get an Excalibur in Joost's honour!

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