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Pleasant evening

Greg and PJ came and hung out at the hotel for a bit, and we went looking for beverages. Greg's got a neat GPS "StreetPilot III" gizmo that not only knows where you are, and where the roads are, but has a CD-ROM full of business listings (and locations) you can import into your unit. We found a listed package store (Tennesseean for "liquor store") and tried heading there.

Well, between Greg declining to listen when it told him to turn right, and the device's incomplete picture of the roads in the conference center complex, we ended up taking a four-mile circular route to a location that apparently is pretty much right around the corner. :-) But the package store was no longer there!

That's OK, that's about when Alex reached the hotel, so we stopped back here and got directions from the front desk to another store, which was conveniently next to a gas station with soda and (crappy) beer.

We also contemplated dinner options, including the hotel's Friday night seafood buffet. But it really just had seafood entrees, which Alex would not have enjoyed. We ended up at the Olive Garden in Johnson City, near Greg & PJ's hotel. :-) Tasty food and good service.

Then back to the hotel to meet Jerry, who was just getting in from Charlotte, where he rented a car after flying from California, and off to Joost's brother Sandy's nearby apartment for a little gathering. Finally got to see Susan (we'd seen Joost in the lobby briefly) and meet some other friends and family from Nova Scotia. Got back around 2am, and Greg and PJ headed back to their hotel to meet Joan and Ricky.

Unfortunately, the hotel hadn't provided the requested non-feather pillows, but I decided to go to sleep with just the one that was in the closet. The odd machinery noise behind the locked door in the bathroom, and the TV from the room next door, didn't keep me awake long. The early-morning phone call looking for some random person I've never heard of wasn't fun, though. And it turns out not only was the duvet I removed full of feathers, but the blanket seems to be a feather blanket. So I'm a bit congested, and awake before I wanted to be.

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