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Thank you!

My mother was floored by the sudden flow of donations from people she's never heard of, to support her "Light the Night" walk for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. My thanks to those of you who've been able to send even a couple of bucks for this great cause.

I shared the same info on our staff forum at work, and a co-worker came up a few minutes ago to hand me a check, adding that her grandmother was diagnosed with CLL not that long ago, too.

A fairly simple weekend planned, starting with a casual observance of Yom Kippur from sundown tonight until sundown tomorrow. No food or beverages of any kind (not even water, which is the hard part) from 6:59 tonight until 6:55 tomorrow night. (7pm dinner reservations tomorrow!) For anyone else also observing, I wish you an easy fast!

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