Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Catching up on the TiVo...

Last night, after Laura came by for some of Wednesday's leftovers, I spent the evening watching accumulated shows on the TiVo, to clear space for the increasing flow of new stuff now that seasons are starting.

I watched the season premiere of "ER" almost live, and was pretty impressed. They're doing a good job transitioning to some of the newer characters, and I'm sure that will increase even more so we'll miss Carter less when Noah Wyle leaves at the end of this season. (Assuming the show continues.) I'd rather they didn't try too hard to do intense things to the characters (and us) every week, but once in a while works well.

Speaking of intense, last Friday's season premiere of "Third Watch" had a wild opening and a wild finish, and was fast-paced and effective throughout. Gene Simmons has done a great job as the drug kingpin guest-star over the span of several episodes.

The "Smallville" season premiere was fairly eventful, too. Black kryptonite? Good cameo by Margot Kidder, who played Lois Lane in the movies, as the assistant of Dr. Swann, who's been played by Christopher Reeve. Annette O'Toole (also a movie alum) has been pretty shrieky as Clark's mom, but I guess she's had a fair amount to shriek about lately. Let's hope she quiets down.

And, caught up on a couple of "Dallas" episodes. I'm a couple of seasons beyond where I stopped watching in the '80s, and I think right about where I lost interest when I was watching the TNN reruns a few years back. I want to watch the rest of the way through to the end of the series, and then I think I'll have had enough! Definitely have to see the episodes leading up to the finale (I watched only the last episode, after missing the last season or two, last time around) and enjoy Joel Grey's brilliant performance as a guest star in the finale. Then, I'd like to track down the two "Dallas" movies that were made.

This morning, deleted a couple of "Good Eats" episodes I've already seen, and watched the banana one, while riding the exercise bike before work.

Commenting? No spoilers, please!

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