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Hot coffee and hot oatmeal with brown sugar. I can feel the cholesterol melting away. :-)

Last night was absolutely wonderful. Joy and Kelly and I headed north late afternoon to take the scenic route to the New York State Fairgrounds to pop in on Joy's high school reunion, which she wasn't going to attend, but wanted to make an appearance at. I guess the route Joy picked was too scenic; when we got to route 20, she half-decided that it wasn't worth bothering with the reunion, since we'd have to leave so soon after getting there. So we turned on 20 and headed straight for Cazenovia.

Joy and guinness_duck and I had eaten dinner at the Brae Loch a couple of years ago, and of course their Robert Burns dinners the last two Januaries. (Already have reservations for this winter's.) The first dinner was fun, but not a fantastic meal, as the waitress was on her first night and the steaks weren't great cuts of meat.

Last night's dinner was exceptional, with good service (rewarded with a good tip for which the waitress thanked us downstairs later) and great food. My chicken roulade was boneless chicken wrapped around lobster meat and asparagus wrapped in a pastry shell, Joy had crispy duck, and Kelly enjoyed a massive lobster tail. I had the escargots appetizer, and the ladies both had a hearty, creamy clam chowder. (I bet that'll be even better on a cold night.) Even the salads were great; I had the crumbly bleu cheese dressing, which was delicious. We skipped dessert (none of us was hungry!) but coffee and scotch made for a good dessert. I suppose you could also call our games of pool and chess part of dessert!

That's farther than I usually drive to break the fast after Yom Kippur, but it was a great dinner.

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