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Lunch treat

This morning started earlier than usual in a big meeting in the Payroll Office conference room at East Hill Plaza. At least it wasn't a long commute! (Just had to find the Payroll Office, which it turns out is around the back side of the building. Ooh, close to Olivia! Good to know for future visits.)

Since I knew fabunobo works in that complex, I figured I'd try tracking him down. Of course he wasn't on AIM, so I e-mailed him. He's never on AIM except for twelve seconds when he wants to converse with someone. :-P He actually hopped online a moment later to talk to someone else, so I convinced him to have lunch. Or, he convinced me to have lunch. Doesn't matter which. We picked up drdjmike at the vet school and pkdan on Tower Road en route downtown to Diamonds for their Indian buffet. Haven't done that there in a very long time; I more often go to Sangam in Collegetown, and I haven't even done that in months.

Aaron dropped me back at my car on his way back to work, and I got back to the office in time for yet another meeting. I think I'm finally done with meetings for the day, though tomorrow is another early morning of meetings. (The 8:30 one got cancelled, at least.) I guess it's revenge for my being away from the office for two days.

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