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Thanks to cmpriest for reminding me that I really need to do laundry tonight. I have plenty of clean underwear and towels, but having clean, fresh linens for houseguests is always a nice thing. (Eventually, I will accumulate lots of spares, so I don't always have to wash linens between guests. For now, I do.)

Not surprisingly, tonight's dinner will feature the fresh tomato sauce that's been brewing in my crock pot since around 7pm last night. Courtesy of Joy's father and ruffian_wind, it consists entirely of fresh, homegrown tomatoes... no canned tomatoes, and no store-bought reddish spheres that bear little resemblance to the zenith of this fruit's potential. (I figured store-bought onion and garlic were OK, though the peppers are homegrown, as well.)

But first, after another long day at work, I've got a Cornell Alumni Association of the Ithaca Area board meeting at 6, across town. I guess now that I don't live over that way, I should evangelize for other meeting places besides 55 Brown Road, the building that houses most of Cornell Alumni Affairs. It's a pain to have to meet in a locked building for which most of us lack keys, anyway. Maybe I'll offer my living room.

I guess I need to make some name tags for this weekend, though there are few enough newcomers that I doubt it would be too catastrophic if there weren't any. It's a much smaller group than we've had in years, for a variety of reasons, including quite a few cancellations over the last week or so. A shame, though there will be several folks I'm looking forward to seeing. Nearly all of them, I've seen recently anyway, but that's OK. :-)

If anyone reading along is interested in joining us for any of the weekend's festivities, by all means do! It's especially easy to add folks for the hike, though it shouldn't be too hard to add a couple of folks for any of the meals.

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