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Mm, ramen

Just got out of a fairly mind-numbing meeting, about 45 minutes of which was spent with the presenter and another attendee alternately trying to get his Dell laptop successfully projecting through first a Dell and then an NEC projector. I think the problem is that he was using remote desktop software on his laptop to show something going on on his office desktop computer, so the laptop's screen resolution wasn't willing to change, so the screen's contents couldn't be successfully mirrored onto the projector.

Now eating some shrimp ramen to tide me over until a latish dinner, since I only had a small vending machine sandwich for lunch earlier. Any moment now, my phone will ring when Tom from ICS Press gets here with the WGW t-shirts, which will be the wrong colour, but at least they won't be "daffodil." That's the colour that arrived in this morning's shipment from the vendor, despite their apparently having correctly ordered what we wanted. "Oh, no problem, Tom. You take your time getting our order right. I'll just see if we can push back our fifteenth annual gathering to a time that's more convenient for you and your vendors to get our t-shirts done."

Just got a call from Jon, who wanted to make sure he had the right cell phone number for me. He and Wendy will be here late-afternoon tomorrow, flying into Elmira.

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