Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Now that was surreal!

I was just at Purity Ice Cream with Sara and Eric, simply because the Ithaca Bakery was already closed -- so it was purely chance we were there.

As we walked in, I heard, "Mark!" I looked over, and responded, "David!"

I hadn't seen David Drinkwater-Lunn in... oh, six years or more? I think he moved out of Ithaca in 1994 or so, but must've been back once or twice after that.

Very cool guy who used to use my BBS, was a member of MUGWUMP (the local Mac User Group), and also of USS Accord (the local sci fi club). His dad also used to be Cornell's dean of students, even longer ago. Apparently, dad's now an administrator at a school in New Orleans. David's working for Honeywell in Dallas.

He and his mom and the dogs were out for ice cream on what's turned into a gorgeous, cool summer night. It's in the mid 60s after a week or more where it really didn't dip below 75 or 80 at night.

He'll call before he leaves so we can grab a drink and catch up more. Cool. :-)

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