Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Good news and bad news

The sauce came out great! It cooked in the crock pot for over 24 hours before we used any of it with dinner tonight, served over rotini and on homemade veal parmesan. I'd picked up the veal on sale last night, a three-pound package of "bone-in veal breast." I separated the breast cutlet section from the ribs, which I popped back in the freezer, then cut up the breast meat into sections to bread, fry, and then bake with sauce and cheese. It was tasty, but kind of fatty and chewy. That's the bad news, and even then, it wasn't too bad.

The sauce consisted of fresh tomatoes, a chopped onion and four chopped cloves of garlic, fresh parsley, red wine, oregano, pepper, and grated parmesan. It's now cooling so I can put the rest in plastic containers to freeze for another time.

seity1 brought "Peter Pan" for us to watch, but her free trial of Blockbuster's DVDs-by-mail service sent her a broken DVD. We poked through my DVD shelf and the TiVo, and ended up watching "Heat" from the TiVo. Amazing cast, and some great writing.

Now watching a little of the debate, which my TiVo caught. President Bush started out seeming in control of himself and his message, but suddenly he looks lost.

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