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A first time for everything...

The most appealing special on the board at Bistro Q tonight, beef and Guinness stew, was actually quite nasty. Denise and I both ordered that (others ordered nitty gritty platters, pulled pork sandwiches, etc.) and we both thought it had a horrid burnt flavour. I asked the waitress to swap mine for some pulled pork, which was of course great. The sweet potato dumplings that had come with the stew were very good. I just wish the stew had been. I'll have to make my own again soon.

There were a couple of no-shows at dinner tonight, but it was a good group of folks. guinness_duck arrived already full on pizza, but enjoyed a couple of Mojitos and some good conversation with us. Jon and Wendy also arrived late, having flown into Elmira. Even though they're the left-coasters, they were both pretty zonked and went to bed after we all got back to the hotel.

Several of us hung out in the lobby chatting about politics, and for all I know they're still there. I needed to head home to toss my clothes in the dryer and relax a bit before bed. Hoping for a good night's sleep.

Keeping my fingers crossed for decent weather tomorrow for the hike on the gorge trails. Regardless of weather, dinner at Billy Bob Jack's and brunch at the Ramada will be good!

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