Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

The leaves are falling!

One of my trees has dumped about half of its leaves, and I spent some time this afternoon raking. (I bought a rake the other night, on sale at Bishop's!) When I need to do it again, I think I should use gloves; my left hand feels as though it would be working on a blister if I kept raking much more.

The Town of Ithaca does leaf pickups on Mondays during the fall, but I'm not sure when the first one is. They have a cool leaf vacuum truck that they drive around to suck up all the roadside leaf piles, so I raked my leaves down to the curb. (Tomorrow's garbage day, too.)

There are still leaves on the yard, but not the blanket that I had. Don't want to suffocate my lawn! Meantime, I got a few photos of the house (and my half-golden, half-bare tree) in the gorgeous late-afternoon sunlight

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