Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,


The fact that "Timeline" and "The Andromeda Strain" were written by the same author is a complete coincidence, and didn't even occur to me when I was posting earlier about the movies. I'm delighted that I'm "swapping" one Crichton story for another.

I like the new guy at Bill Cooke's service desk even more now. He called shortly after I got down from my meeting to apologize that they had the wrong switch in stock (it's actually just the wrong colour), and to ask if it would be OK if I kept their loaner until tomorrow, and they kept my car until tomorrow so they could overnight the right part in and do the work without my having to bring the car back on a separate occasion. This means they also have time to do the 40,000 mile servicing, which he didn't think they'd have time to do today. I have no urgent need for anything in my car (unless it pours; both my umbrellas are in there) and I'm happy to rack up miles on their newer one. Things go wrong; dealing with the situation well when they do is a sign of good customer service.

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