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A relaxing Saturday

OK, so "relaxing" isn't normally how you might describe a few hours of carrying stuff, helping friends move across town. Happily, they were leaving most of the big furniture behind for their former apartmentmate, so we were mostly moving clothes and boxes and milk crates full of stuff. Unloading the truck into their new place, up a flight of stairs, felt like good exercise!

So, it's done. zercool and guinness_duck are now neighbors. This is a surreal idea, but I think it'll be a good thing.

Around 5:30 yesterday we capped off the day by heading out to zercool's parents' place up towards Trumansburg, for a cookout and a swim in the pond. Nice big artificial pond that they built about ten years ago, cool dock in the middle that you can swim to. Somewhat predictably, but even more impressively than I'd imagined, pkdan wound up in the water (yes, wearing street clothes) when he tried to go canoeing.

Lots of yummy food starting with cold blueberry soup! Also grilled vegetables, a nice salad, grilled chicken, potatoes, and tasty garlic bread.

The swimming and paddleboating were also good exercise, and the small campfire (which Dan tended) nicely ended the evening.

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