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My heat works well, but for several minutes after it runs, there are noises from the ducts that sound as though the metal is flexing or expanding or whatever, due to the temperature changes. I'll have to look into ways of quieting this down, since I'm pretty sure that's what woke me about two hours ago. I lay in bed for over an hour, but between the periodic heat noises, faint hunger, having gone to sleep before midnight (early for me), and my brain racing at full speed, I didn't manage to fall asleep again. I think I'll try to nap for the next hour until my alarm goes off, but I don't know if it'll work.

I wanted to write this post a while ago, but the LiveJournal database was down. So, I caught up on my e-mail a bit and poked around the web, sitting in the dark on the downstairs couch. At least Sushi is sleeping. :-)

Hey, Aaron, Shane says hi!
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