Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Nice for some independent confirmation...

...that George W. Bush is anything but a sane choice for a conservative voter. Today's "Doonesbury" has a broken URL, but if you can find your way, "Salon" is offering up the whole article free of charge.

A few high-octane speeches cannot disguise the catastrophic failure of the Bush administration in both its domestic and its foreign policies. Mounting deficits are likely to force eventual tax increases, reversing perhaps President Bush's most important economic legacy. The administration's foreign policy is an even greater shambles, with Iraq aflame and America increasingly reviled by friend and foe alike.

Quite simply, the president, despite his well-choreographed posturing, does not represent traditional conservatism -- a commitment to individual liberty, limited government, constitutional restraint and fiscal responsibility. Rather, Bush routinely puts power before principle. As Chris Vance, chairman of Washington state's Republican Party, told the Economist: "George Bush's record is not that conservative ... There's something there for everyone."

This reminds me of my conversation a couple of months ago with Doc, about what's conservative and what's not, and of a great conversation last spring with a libertarian friend and co-worker at WVBR.

Increasingly over the last several weeks, my "Not Bush" vote has been shifting towards a "John Kerry" vote. His reasoned and rational debate performances have helped enormously, and "Going Upriver" should be required viewing for anyone who still thinks Bush should be our Commander in Chief.

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